We believe brand loyalty stems from a personal connection, so we made creating personal connections our business

Our Journey

Who here remembers AOL Instant Messenger, Myspace, Hi5, or Friendster? If you do, then like us, you have been on social media for much longer than most. Over the last 15 years the Social Media landscape has changed significantly, allowing people to connect in ways they never could before. Social Media now affects how we get our news, what the hottest trends are, and also keeps us informed on the life events of those close to us. It has also given anyone with a mobile or laptop the ability to become their own brand. What we like, where we eat, and places we visit all become content of our social media brand for connected audiences to enjoy and reshare. The larger social media becomes, the more it becomes ingrained in our lives. Recommendations we used to make in person about a product or business we like, can now be shared with everyone at the click of a button. This revelation was the driving force behind our creation of Social Rebate in 2010, and continues to support the exploding market we have seen in the last few years of Social Commerce.

Our Experience

With over 20+ years’ experience in SEO (Search), display, affiliate, email, content, video, and social media marketing, our team knows the value of Return on Investment. Having worked for and with expensive consultants and agencies in the early stages of Social Rebate, we know how pricey it can be to market your business. After years of developing Social Rebate, we can now say confidently that it doesn't have to be. To test the value of Social Rebate, we set up an online store and properly used traditional online marketing tools like facebook ads and google adwords with a modest budget. At the end of a week, we were lucky to see a 5% return for every 1000 visitors we generated. We found curiosity to be the main factor in engaging new visitors through paid search and social display ads, but that curiosity did not mean people were genuinely in need of what we were offering. With this knowledge, we decided see what the response would be if we introduced a Social Rebate offer. To engage the new visitors from paid ads, we now displayed a cash back Social Rebate offer, allowing visitors to earn cash back for telling friends about us (even before they purchased.) The results we astonishing. With the Social Rebate offer running, we engaged 21% of every 1000 people who visited from our display and social ads. This left us with 210 new leads for people who expressed an interest in our product, and the ROI was over 8%.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple... 1. Create more customer loyalty through rewarded engagement. 2. Lower marketing costs for stores through word-of-mouth referrals. 3. Increase sales using Social Commerce, and highly targeted recommendations from actual customers. To achieve this mission, we are always evolving. Our customers know more about their customers than we ever could, so we welcome feedback of any kind. We also have new features rolling out all the time to enhance and optimize the user experience, so if you have a particular need for your store we don't cover, please feel free to reach out. We built Social Rebate with the online store owner in mind, and while we stay true to our mission, our only purpose is to support your store's success.