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Social Rebate Turns Customers Of Your 3dCart Store Into Social Media Marketers

Rewarding your customers to share your brand with friends is the easiest way to credibly create word-of-mouth on social media.

Social Rebate integrates into your 3dCart store in minutes, allowing your customers to earn cash back on purchases for telling friends about your store. To set up Social Rebate in your 3dCart store, click the "Get It Now" button above.

Once integrated, it only takes a few more steps to finish setting up your store details, plan, and rebate offer. On average it takes less than 18 minutes. And to take out all the risk for trying us, you can cancel anytime and there are no contracts or hidden fees. Social Rebate wants to grow WITH your business, and that is only possible if we take care to the people who matter most... your customers.

Reach Out Further Than Any Other Rewards Platform, And Get Real Insight Into Your Customers

With advanced ecommerce analytics and reporting built right into the dashboard, Social Rebate Makes it easy to see whether or not it is doing it's job. We measure all the metrics that matter to your 3dCart store so we can provide true insight into your store's performance. Understanding the things that engage visitors and convert new sales is the most important thing when growing a business, so we provide real data like AOV (Average Order Value,) Conversion Rates, Sales Volume, Traffic Sources and Demographics, RCR (Repeat Customer Rate,) and CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) to find out how to best engage customers.

Knowing who your customers are, and how to engage them, is what Social Rebate is all about. Our native integration into Social Media platforms allow you to get a much more transparent view of the demographics who shop with you. By profiling your customers, we can now create branded content they actually WANT to share from your store. And the best part is, we can offer them cash back on a purchase they haven't even made yet. Through our new Pre-purchase offers, you can now reach 100% of the visitors who click through to your store. You decide where you want the offer to display... and we turn interested visitors into incentivized marketers.

Find out what Social Rebate can do for your 3dcart store today!


  • Custom Offers allow you to select display offers in a variety of colors to match your site. You also can choose how you would like the offer to display, whether it be a popup, a slider, or an embedded clickable banner image.
  • Prepurchase rewards allow you to offers not only customers, but also visitors, the ability to share your promotions. Earned rewards are redeemable only after purchase, giving them more incentive to return and buy!
  • Build your email subscriber list with Social Rebates. By engaging interested visitors with the cash back offer you can turn traffic into warm leads.


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