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The World's First Ecommerce Social Rebate Rewards Program Just Got Better.

Integrating Social Rebate into your Shopify Store has never been easier, get started now and join the Social Commerce revolution!

The Social Rebate Shopify app integrates in minutes allowing you to reward shoppers with cash back for telling their friends about your store and promotions. Simply click the "Get It Now" button above to start the integration.

After that, all you need to do is login to your Shopify store, and accept the Social Rebate App permissions. Once the app installs, head back over to Social Rebate, to set up your store, plan, and rebate offer. That's it! No hidden fees, no contract, cancel anytime... all the rewards, with none of the risk.

Social Rebate focuses on analytics that help your business grow

We believe that knowledge is power, so Social Rebate also includes a full suite of reporting tools to help your store pinpoint success. We constantly measure the important metrics of your store's performance.

Whether its Conversion Rates, Sales Volume, Traffic Sources and Demographics, RCR (Repeat Customer Rate,) AOV (Average Order Value,) or CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value,) we want you to be in the drivers seat or your store's growth and performance. And by using these reports, we can more accuratly show how Social Rebate is working to increase your sales month over month.

Find out what Social Rebate can do for your Shopify store today!


  • Advanced reporting and analytics for your store, rebate offers, and shared content. Find out which customers are the most vocal to friends social about your brand and track their rewards.
  • Prepurchase rebates allow you to display your cash back offer on any page of your site, engaging visitors before they purchase to share, while also turning new traffic into warm leads to add to your subscriber list.
  • Set it and forget it approach to rewards and social engagement automates your word-of-mouth marketing efforts. Social Rebate handles all the customer rebate payments securly through paypal, and allows plenty of time for orders to be securly verified complete before rebates are paid out.


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